Service Philosophy of Exploring Hub, Child Care Centre In Blacktown

At Exploring Hub Early Learning Centre the educators critically reflect on each child’s interest and developmental abilities to provide them the opportunity to further extend their knowledge and understanding of their world. The service brings the community into the centre by planning incursions as well as introducing children to our broader community by organising excursions. This allows children to actively engage with, feel a sense of belonging to and develop connections with various parts of the community.

Our educators at Exploring Hub Early Learning Centre plan and program experiences which allow children to engage in various forms of physical activity throughout their time in care. Children are encouraged to practice physical activity to not only develop fine and gross motor skills but also to develop confidence, autonomy and independence.
Our menu is designed to comply with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, Get up and Grow, The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the National Quality Standards. This helps us to encourage healthy eating in our children and their families.

The centre encourages children to develop respect for diversity by exposing children to a range of cultural experiences. Our program acknowledges and respects the contribution that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have given to our country and we instil this into our children through our program. All children regardless of race, culture and exceptionality should be able to participate in an early childhood education and care setting. Therefore all children’s unique abilities and cultural beliefs are explored, recognised and enhanced. Through this our program promotes children’s strength’s and abilities whilst still stimulating children holistically in all areas of development. Educators strongly believe in a holistic program which takes creativity and imagination of the children to another level.

Our centre strongly believes that children have the right to feel safe, secure and supported. Therefore we aim to assist and support children to grow, learn and develop to the best of their abilities by having high expectations through experiences which constitute problem solving and higher level thinking whilst developing positive relationships with children, families, staff and the community by implementing various approaches. Educator’s pedagogy reflects values such as encouraging children in making their own decisions, regulating their emotions and developing self-control.

Educators in partnership with families, community and among each other build meaningful and trusting relationships with children in the service. At Exploring Hub Early Learning, by building relationships with their educators the children learn to develop strong, positive relationships with other children and adults.

We believe that the future generation (children) should have a deep understanding of the importance of taking care of our environment, therefore we are constantly aiming to improve our sustainable practices in the service through educating and working in partnership with the children, families and our wider community. Whilst engaging in sustainable practices educators also understand the importance of technology as a medium of learning.

Embedded in our program is a strong sense of literacy, numeracy and phonics. This is provided through a range of experiences which are both play based and child centred. This high level of literacy and numeracy experiences prepares our children for their early schooling years.

Our service is committed to continuous improvement so our educators make every effort to enhance their skills and knowledge through regular attendance to education and training courses.