Immunisation Policy For Child

On 1st January, 2014 the NSW Government amended the Public Health Act 2010 which means that an Early Childhood Education and Care Service cannot enrol a child unless the parent or guardian has provided documentation that shows the child;

  • Is fully vaccinated for their age, or;
  • Has a medical reason not to be vaccinated, or;
  • Has a parent / guardian who has a conscientious objection to vaccination, or;
  • Is on a recognised catch– up schedule if their child has fallen behind on their vaccinations

Previously, Early Childhood and Care Services have only been required to request that parents or guardians provide an Immunisation History Statement and keep a registrar of that information; However, there was no barrier to enrolment if the in formation was not provided.

Under the amendment to the Public Health Act 2010, Directors are still required to maintain an immunisation registrar regarding the vaccination status of all enrolled children. The child’s immunisation status must be recorded upon their initial enrolment in the service and at each vaccination milestone. In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, unimmunised children may be required to stay home for the duration of the outbreak.

At Exploring Hub we keep a Excel based Registrar that is constantly updated in reference to your child’s immunisation information. Exploring Hub requires proof of vaccination or no immunisation prior to your child’s enrolment with us. The Nominated Supervisor will not enrol any child that has not produced required documentation prior to enrolment.

Please find below a list of approved documentation as evidence of Immunisation.

  • ACIR Immunisation History Statement – up to date
  • ACIR Immunisation History Statement – fully immunised child
  • ACIR Immunisation History Statement – not up to date
  • ACIR Immunisation History Statement – mailed version
  • ACIR Immunisation History Form
  • ACIR Medical Contraindication Form
  • ACIR Immunisation History Statement & Medical Contraindication
  • ACIR Conscientious Objection Form
  • ACIR Conscientious Objection Letter

Exploring Hub will notify families to remind them of their child’s immunization being due, to gain an updated record.

For questions regarding your child’s vaccination at Exploring Hub please contact your Nominated Supervisor at soon as possible.