Sun Smart Policy

Exploring Hub is a Cancer Council approved Childcare Centre that provides Cancer Council approved sunscreen on all children 20 minutes before they go outside to play. At Exploring Hub we have strict policies in regards to Sun Safety. If the UV rays are too high, the children are to not go outside. If a child is wearing incorrect clothing they either have to change, or they are unable to go outside. If a child is not wearing appropriate hats (legionnaire or wide brim, they will have to sit out of outside play)

Our Sun smart Policy has been developed to:

  • Ensure all children and staff have some UV exposure for vitamin D
  • Encourage children and staff to use a combination of sun protection measures whenever UV index levels reach 3 and above
  • Ensure that children are not engaging in outdoor play when the UV index levels reach above 5.
  • Work towards a safe outdoor environment that provides shade for children and staff at appropriate  times.
  • Assist children to be responsible for their own sun protection
  • Ensure that families and new staff are informed of the services Sun smart measures
  1. Shade
    • Management ensures that there is a sufficient number of shelters providing shade in the outdoor area
  2. Clothing
    • When outside, children are required to wear loose fitting clothing that covers  as much skin as possible. Clothing made of cool, densely woven fabric is    recommended.
    • Tops with elbow length sleeves, and if possible, collars and knee length or  longer style shorts and skirts are best.
    • If a child is wearing a singlet top of dress, they are required to wear a t-shirt,  jacket or jumper on top.
  3. Hats
    • All children are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears.  I.e legionnaire, broad brimmed or bucket hats. Baseball or peak caps are not  considered a suitable alternative
  4. Sunscreen
    • SPF 30 + Broad Spectrum, water resistant sunscreen is available for staff  and  children to use at all times.
    • Sunscreen is applied at least 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapplied  every two hours if outdoors
    • From two years of age, children are encouraged to apply their own sunscreen  under supervision of staff.