• Prepare your child before hand. Talk about our centre and what you saw when you came for your orientation.
  • Drive past our centre on the weekends and show your family members
  • Buy a bag and label it, let your child choose it and pack it
  • Label all Bed Linen, clothing, hats, drink bottles and shoes that will help both staff members and your child.

If possible, make your child’s first day at child care centre shorter than usual to ensure a slow and happy transition to school.
Bring your child into the appropriate classroom. Your child’s teacher room will welcome you and introduce you to the other staff and children.
Allow your child some time to stand and watch, they may not feel ready to join in straight away and will need to do so at their own pace.
Make sure that your child special security blanket or toy is packed in their bag and clearly labelled if needed.
The staff at Exploring Hub will show you many things to do with the centre including the following

  • Where to put your bag
  • Our Day’ board
  • Sign in book and how to use it
  • Program Display
  • Weekly Menu
  • What we did today books