JET Child Care Fee Assistance

Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance is commonly known as JET Child Care Fee Assistance.


A person can receive JETCCFA for up to 24 hours of care per child per week, irrespective of their activity hours. To receive more than 24 hours of care per child per week (up to 50 hours) a person must undertake at least 15 hours of approved activity to qualify.


A person’s JETCCFA hours for a child cannot exceed their eligible CCB hours in a week. For a situation where a person is approved for 5 days of JETCCFA for a particular care type, JETCCFA should be approved for 60 hours to account for sessional charging practices. In this situation, eligible CCB hours should be increased to 60 hours also, despite the person not meeting other increased eligible hour requirements.


A person’s weekly limit of JETCCFA hours for a child are the hours of care at person’s nominated approved child care service or services that are required by the person to undertake approved JETCCFA activities specified in their EPP (Employment Pathways Plan) JETCCFA is calculated at $1.00 per hour for care